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There are many people out there who want to stop smoking marijuana but they don’t know how. Smoking weed might cause you to lose your dream job, your friends and more importantly your family. Learning how to quit smoking weed is the most effective step to becoming sober again. Just like any other drug weed affects the normal functioning of your body. Here are some few tips to help you get back with your sober life.

Quitting Must Be Your Own Decision

If you want to quit weed simply because your partner, dad, mom or any other person has asked you to, it won’t work. The decision to quit must come from you. You must be 100 percent certain that you want to quit. If you are not certain about yourself, the part of you that wants to continue smoking will always win. Your attitude towards quitting is the most important thing here. You have to want to stop smoking weed with all your heart and fiber of being. It’s always a great idea to remind yourself why you want to stop this habit, and you have to hold onto these reasons in order to quit, otherwise you will find yourself smoking again.

Cold Turkey and Tapering

Cold turkey and tapering are two common ways to stop smoking weed. These two methods are both ideal, it is therefore important to use the one that works well with you. Quitting cold turkey is usually preferred over tapering because it helps you to stop weed completely. In addition, it will help you to overcome that temptation to relapse. On the other hand, stop smoking marijuana gradually gives you an opportunity to start smoking again. Many people have tried gradually quitting to no avail, but quitting cold turkey works. However, it is always wise to try both methods to find out which one works for you.images

Find a New Hobby to Distract Your Mind

It is obvious that you are going to want to smoke marijuana. In fact, you are going to desire it, to want it, and crave it. The best way to handle these cravings is to find something new to do. Find work to do, enroll for a new course, read a book, pick up a hobby, just do anything that will distract you and keep you away from weed. It will always be easier for you to quit if you are always busy doing other things. Once you get used to do whatever you will be doing, your desire for weed will disappear completely.

Create Social Support

Quitting smoking weed is a psychological issue and psychological issues are easy to deal with if you have a strong social support system. Studies show that creating social support system can really help marijuana addicts to quit. First, you need to decide that you want to quit, and then you can tell your friends and loved ones about your decision. Ask them to support you through this journey until you are back to your sober life.

The tips mentioned above on how to quit smoking weed is the most effective way to stop this habit forever. Try them today and get back to your normal sober life.

images2If you are addicted to smoking weed and you think that this habit is destroying your life and changing you as a person, you have probably thought about quitting smoking weed. Just like any other type of drug, smoking weed feels good at first and this makes you feel wanting to use it on a regular basis. What many people don’t know is that smoking weed can easily become a part of your daily routine and eventually you become an addict. If you are planning to put an end to this habit that you have developed, here is a guide on how to quit smoking weed forever.

Quit Smoking Weed Slowly

Quitting smoking weed gradually doesn’t mean that you take some few years to quit, you should start by giving yourself a time period of let’s say a month. So, set a date in your calendar and start the process of quitting. It’s not advisable to change this date, you need to pick a date and stick to it. Setting a date to quit allows you to prepare yourself enough to stop this habit. It is advisable that you set your quit date just before the holiday begins, or other special events. Quitting smoking pot is a lifestyle change. It will be great if you can attach it to another lifestyle change.

Quitting Marijuana By Getting Rid Of Your Gear

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weed in spanish

This is the harsh way to quit smoking weed, but quitting cold turkey is very much possible especially when you have the support of your friends and loved ones. The first thing that you should do is to get rid of the entire weed that you have in your house so that you can’t get to it later. The next step is to throw all the lighters, bong, matches, roach clips and container that you have. The idea is, without these tools it won’t be possible for you to smoke. Stay away from anyone or anything that might make you think about smoking.

4Be Prepared For Withdrawal Symptoms

The worst part about quitting marijuana is its side effects. It is normal for you to experience insomnia, anxiety, irritability, decreased appetite and an increase in body temperature. What’s more, you may also experience some mood swings and feel like you want to give up. The good news is, these symptoms are only temporary. The best thing you can do for yourself is to remember the reasons why you want to quit smoking weed forever. In fact, it’s a good idea to make a list of your reasons and put them somewhere where you can see them every day.

Seek Professional Help

If you find it difficult to quit marijuana on your own, it’s important that you seek professional help. Your psychiatrist or doctor may prescribe for you some medications that can help you to quit weed. Group counseling sessions are also advisable as they can help you find the support that you need. In-patient rehab is the final help that you can get. This is the most recommended way if you are unable to quit week on your own. It involves 24-hour treatment by highly qualified doctors and therapists who are there to help you quit marijuana.

If you or your friend or loved one is struggling with marijuana addiction and doesn’t know how to quit smoking weed forever, use the tips above and always remind yourself the reasons why you want to quit.19

images1Are you looking for information on ways and means to quit smoking? This is for sure a good place to star. Have you ever tried to give up smoking weed and it didn’t work out? Or could you be feeling that the weed is taking your life and replacing your buddies, family, hobbies, and your best ways of passing the time? This is a trigger that your body needs a rest from all this. You should not worry much as there are ways to bring back your old joyful days to you again. The key to successful means to quit smoking weed is to follow this life transforming guide and make use of the well-outlined steps.
Get to understand your addiction.
Having first to get to know about the addiction is a major progress in quitting marijuana. Marijuana has an active chemical that works to force cannabinoid receptors of the brain to react. This makes you feel high after the smoking weed. Most people are not able to tell the difference between psychological and the physical addiction to marijuana. Most people have a psychological believe in that they have to be high to function normally. Physical addiction is the increased tolerance for weed. Knowing and understanding your addiction forms the basis for choosing the most effective method to curb your are steps on how to quit smoking weed quickly.

Steps on how to quit smoking weed quickly.

  1. Setting a date to quit weed. Most people who use pot just verbally say they will quit smoking tomorrow or simply when out of weed, this is the most dangerous approach and most ineffective; it’s good to set a date to quit in a weeks’ time or days or even month. By setting a date to stop smoking weed gives you a goal to work to achieve.
  2. Make sure you discard all smoking gear, most marijuana smokers very decorative paraphernalia like bongs, rolling tools, vaporizes and smoking bows. Getting rid of such things puts you at a hard time devising ways to smoke and this becomes more difficult for you and the harder it gets the more likely you are to quit smoking.
  3. Being prepared and ready for withdrawal; having set your day to stop smoking weed makes the body ready for withdrawal enabling it to be easy for you. The feeling of anxiety is common at withdrawal and learning on how t cobalt it is an added advantage. Some of the most common withdrawal symptoms include physical tension, anorexia, anxiety, and more. Sometimes it’s good to seek medical advice to help you get through the withdrawal stage.
  4. Finding a replacement activity; rather than having to devote this extra free time on a hobby, it’s good to use this time on something you can do fast and easy as lighting like going for a run playing the keyboard and turn to it whenever you are tempted. If bored to do this try comedy movie that will have you smile.images4
  5. Change of routine; having now a new hobby is not enough, trying to reschedule your routine is another key factor to making your goal a success so as to avoid missing that funny stuff. Some of the things you can try are.
    • Spend more time in open places if you are used to secluding yourself this will help you not to think of going back to the pot
    • Change your work routine or school routine, like going to work via a different route that is busy with people or traffic, also changing your sitting position is also recommended
    • Be with friends who don’t use the substance as they are less likely to lure you back to it again.
  6. Being able to control your urges; having that ability to control the urge is paramount and most important how to coup with it when it comes .these are some ways you can try and reduce the urge to succumb it.• Avoiding those places that make you feel to smoke be it your friend’s house, your room or even those secluded areas where you are alone.• Change your environment whenever you get that urge to smoke. Moving off that location is the sure way to avoiding temptation
    • Stay hydrated this will help boost your health and beat the calls so make a habit to drink more water.
    • Remain calm, and you can do this by breathing deeply and hold that air in your lungs for a duration of 5-7 minutes, and then breath the air out slowly repeat until that feel is gone
  7. Remain focused, as the saying goes that it takes 21 days to create or break a habit, by the end of a month you will be free and done with your addition.
    • Having a small catching up with a celebration after a month can be ideal having achieved success and can aid to keep you on track

Being free from this shackle of the mind is a major step to leading a fulfilling life, following of this procedures surely will make your objective fulfilled and you being free from weed addiction

12It is quite tempting for weed addicts to think of themselves as inferior beings who are naturally predisposed to bad choices. On the contrary, every human is endowed with enormous capacity to switch from any addiction without ever relapsing. Respectable people such as Michael Phelps, Brad Pitt, and Natalie Portman also struggled hard and won the weed addiction battle.

What you need are special insights about how to disentangle yourself from the unseen chords that have tied you to weed for all this long. The pleasure that weed gives you is both deceptive and short-lived. In the long-term, this drug subjects you to poor health, depression, and a troubled life. Follow this guide for some unique insights.

Quick Tips on How to Quit Smoking Weed Easily:

  1. Right Down Your Reasons for Quitting.

You can only devote yourself to the efforts of renouncing weed when your mind is clear about the reasons for quitting. Make a list of all the bad things that you have incurred because of your smoking habit. The list could include homelessness, loss of employment, poor academic performance, ruined relationships, and many lost opportunities in life.

Every human is born with some special talent or gift that should be harnessed for personal development. Think of how weed has compromised your capacity to harness your unique strengths to improve your fortunes in life. As you ponder about this, make another list of the things you are likely to achieve after quitting and their specific time frames.

Examples of Things to Benefit:

  • I will win back the love and trust of family members in a month.
  • My health will improve within one month.
  • I will restore my financial status within four months.18
  • I will reconcile with the good friends I lost.
  • I will be freed from the circle of bad friends.
  • My workplace productivity will improve.
  1. Schedule your Meditations During Tempting Moments.

In his famous book entitled “Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, and the Road to Recovery,” distinguished author, Barry Stimmel, identifies meditation as a highly effective escape strategy for struggling addicts. According to him, people struggling with addiction should schedule their meditation whenever the cravings hit.

Always switch into a meditative mood when you feel like having a puff or two of weed. Avoid taking any step that might escalate your vulnerability. Once you have made a firm decision to quit, never drop your guard by idling your mind. Always learn to be candid and inform your friends about your efforts and objectives.

  1. Use Mantras and Positive Affirmations.

Much of the energy you need to fend off the forces of addiction are lodged within the subconscious mind. There is a way in which you can program this part of the mind to enhance your resolve to quit. Mind scholars teach us that mantras and positive affirmations are some of the most powerful tools of changing your subconscious mind.

This strategy works when you repeat certain phrases that incline with your quitting objective. For instance, you can use the phrase, “Today I shall not smoke weed,” to harness the power of the subconscious mind. Eventually, the mind becomes attuned to the idea in such a way that gives you enormous power to defeat any temptation that may come your way.

Wrap Up.

alien smoking weed
alien smoking weed

Weed addiction happens to millions of people across cultures, races, classes, and other demographic factors. Right now, millions are struggling to quit the habit and most of them will succeed at some point. Following this simple guide should help you record a significant measure of success in the shortest time possible. Your resolve and earnestness are crucial.

Look, I’m not going to tell you why dope is bad for you or how smoking the green doesn’t make you sound like Kierkegaard, because frankly, if you are reading this, you already know that. What you will learn, however, is how to quit smoking weed and how doing so can make your life a happier one. Sit back and relax as you learn three easy steps to putting down the ganja for good.

Step 1: Get a hobby.
The very first thing you need to do is fill up your free time so that you don’t have any extra time to spark a joint. Are you a fan of marijuana brownies? Put your baking skills to use and make other, weed-free pastries. Not only will you not be getting high, the baked goods will themselves cause a release of dopamine in your brain, still giving you a “high” – but without the marijuana. In fact, anytime you do something you like, it causes dopamine release (the neurotransmitter responsible for a high). So, just fill up your time doing something else you enjoy.

Step 2: Change your life.
If your life consists of you doing something you don’t like, stop doing it. If you hate your job, find a new one. We can get so bogged down in routines and doing things for other people that we sometimes forget about ourselves. Life is meant to be enjoyed, not just casually passed through until death. Identify things in your life that make you unhappy and either change them or get rid of them completely. Being happier will lessen the likelihood of you wanting to smoke weed.

Step 3: Just quit smoking.
If you really want to know how to quit smoking weed – here it is: just stop smoking weed. The fact is that THC just isn’t that addictive. If you are one of the rare cases in which weed is physically or mentally addictive, then you need to seek out professional help. However, for most people, weed is neither. You may want weed because it is enjoyable – but desire and addiction are not the same thing. I love going snowboarding in the winter, but I wouldn’t say that I’m addicted to my snowboard. The same holds true for most weed smokers.

When you smoke weed, it’s the high you are after and by modifying your life and filling your time with drug-free hobbies that give you a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment, you’ll get the high you are seeking.


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